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Around the world.

Across the globe.

Here at home.

We change the way you see the world,

and the way it sees you.

Because Truth Matters.

At JDN Television Distribution, we distribute meaningful and exciting television shows and specials. We change the way you see the world, and the way it sees you. Learn about our selection for broadcast, how we innovate, create, and report on the world, our national network, and much more.

Programming at JDN Television Distribution is informative, inspirational, and moving. We show the history you never knew. The world you have never seen. The struggles you could not imagine. We change the way you see the world, and the way it sees you. Still, we are unbiased; Attacked; Offended; Balanced. The truth is not always welcome. Yet, we search for it. Every day. At JDN, Truth Matters.

At our productions, too. JDN creates documentaries, special reports, and news programming for a wider audience. Either commissioned or aquired, JDN can provide television unlike any other. JDN works with the power of Jcorp Movies, Jcorp Animation Studios, and Sound, Music, and Theatrical Productions at Jcorp. If you are interested in partnering with JDN to broadcast one of our world changing programs, or commissioning a documentary or special investigation, reach out to JDN.

The team at JDN is happy to help you. Whatever you are interested in, we can find, or make, it. Visit our contact page to reach out to us or, if you have worked with us before, login to our online screening system.

One of JDN's most popular, and only non-commissioned, program(s), is The Lifelong Learning Series. Exploring such topics as the Cold War and the Space Age, learning truley never ends. The Lifelong Learning Series works perfectly in every lineup, so contact us for a screening link. #LifelongLearningJDN View the Lifelong Learning Series ->

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